How International beauty Contests help to promote world Peace

Beauty Contests

An international beauty contest is much more than hair and tan sprays. Lurking beneath the glam and the beauty, long eyelashes and dazzling dresses are brains that would make anyone proud. This is more than proved in the interview rounds at the contests which are usually not televised to the world. What are shown instead are the gown rounds, best smile rounds, bikini rounds that show off curvaceous figures and photogenic faces rounds.

However, those intimately connected with beauty contests administration say with firm convictions that it is the interview rounds that bring out the best from the contestants. It is proven here that it is a combination of beauty and brains that truly make beauty contestants a cut above other women.

True, preparations for the show by participants might have started with a visit to laser clinics in Melbourne or in any other country of origin for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. But what ultimately tilts decisions in their favour is poise, grace and an in-born intelligence that is manifested in the interview rounds.

When you think of world peace, what is the first thing that comes to mind? By a long distance it is primarily a feeling of love and goodwill towards fellow human beings. This is regardless of countries of origin, religion, ethnicity, cultures and beliefs.

At the time beauty queens come together from various countries on the globe, they stand united, forget their backgrounds and become the best ambassadors for world peace. Two countries might be at war or loggerheads on various issues but when their representatives meet on world stage, all that is left behind and a fresh start is made to foster world peace and harmony.

A look at the key beauty contests held every year around the world and their goals and objectives will further clear the air about how international contests are intricately linked to world peace. Peace of course is taken here in a very broad sense, more about human beings being in a state of peace and serenity than merely a matter of guns being silent.

Miss World

The main focus is on the development of a country with the contestants choosing a project that is close to their hearts like pollution or poverty alleviation. All these go much beyond simply scar removal in Melbourne or Sydney or London that beauty contestants are usually familiar with and focus on issues that contribute to the welfare of mankind.

Miss Universe

The title goes to the most “confidently beautiful” contestant with the overall goal being to promote a sense of confidence amongst youth so that they can step forward with pride and self belief to fulfil their dreams.

Miss International

This contest highlights contestants as “Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty” and expects the beauty queens to have great international sensibilities, ability to take action and to be benevolent and friendly, all of which are components for world peace.

It is thus seen that international beauty contests go a step further than just being a part of the world of glamour and dazzling spotlights.