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Celebrating World Peace Day

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In today’s world where most parts of our planet are being torn apart by strife, fighting, terrorist attacks and conflicts, celebrating World Peace Day is the one sane and lone voice in the midst of all this violence. This day, better known as the International Day of Peace is observed on 21st September every year with symposiums, workshops, meetings and campaigns. An effort is made to   inculcate an awareness of the severe damage both mental and physical that is inflicted on our race by elements that have no concern for the welfare of mankind.

World Peace Day has been celebrated around the world since 1982 by countries, the political class, military groups and people in general but it was only in 2013 that it got official accreditation from the United Nations. Ban Ki-moon the Secretary General dedicated this day to efforts to be made to reduce and prevent wars and aggression between countries and peoples.

Celebration of World Peace Day is started every year by ringing the Peace Bell at UN Headquarters at New York City and is followed by different functions around the world. It is a reminder to all that terrible suffering to mankind must be avoided at all costs and is a re-affirmation of oath by all to build a better world.