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A standout amongst the most vindictive myths is that world peace is awfully intricate and unachievable. There is not a semblance of truth to that. World peace is most definitely, not only achievable, but also sustainable, given that certain basic fundamentals are implemented. Some of these highly valued principles are freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of thought. These fundamentals build up a system inside of which different rights can prosper. If the international community succeeds in embedding these rights in the very foundation of our society, world peace can become a probability as well as a possibility.

This is exactly the message being conveyed by ambassadorsforworldpeace.com. This informative blog is about the individuals who are fighting for world peace across the globe. These individuals are constantly striving to spread the message of peace and prosperity in different regions in their unique ways. All their endeavours are aimed at this noble cause.

Jigme Norbe has finished more than 21 strolls and bicycle rides and by and large has gathered more than 7800 miles, both in the United States and abroad to get the message of world peace across the globe. Jigme’s efforts are motivated by the desire to free Tibet from the harsh suppression of China.

It has been 50 years since China occupied Tibet, yet the inhabitants decline to be vanquished and oppressed by China. The present prejudiced Chinese system, a mix of demographic and monetary control, expects to stifle the Tibetan issue by changing the very character and the personality of Tibet and its kin. However, Jigme and others like him are continually protesting it, albeit in a peaceful fashion.

Wars and wealth disparity are off springs of our own society. They subsist and flourish in light of the fact that we are accustomed to them. We acknowledge them as typical, more or less, an extension of our covetousness and brutality. Be that as it may, with individuals like Jigme Norbe, there is always hope for mankind.