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How Peace Is Necessary Factor for International Trading

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International Trading

International trading and world peace are interrelated and the debate over whether the increased level of international trade can lead to fewer world conflicts or vice versa has been raging in political science and economic circles for years now. However, studies suggest that trade benefits the economy of the nations and the nation’s residents. Expanding trade, foreign investment and competition deliver lower prices, more choices and higher incomes for consumers. Take the case of the beauty industry in Australia which has been revolutionised by non-invasive cosmetic treatments delivered on IPL machines, microdermabrasion and LED machines being developed by the leading manufacturers. The globalisation has opened fantastic opportunities for the Australian companies to deliver these machines and their services to hundreds of millions of new customers.

Raised returns for people

This rising flow of capital across borders has raised returns for people who save and invest while funding new investment opportunities that spread good paying jobs and technologies around the globe. During the World War II and Cold War, the republican and democratic presidents advocated international trade which helped to promote human rights and democracy and ultimately a more peaceful world.

Global trade has more impact on creating peace by lessening the likelihood of conflict between the nations located at a distance than for nations sharing common borders.

Keep fragile states peaceful

Trade can have a substantial impact on whether the fragile economics will remain peaceful or backslide into conflict. International trade to fragile countries provide the populations with necessities and as a result, conflict is less likely to occur. Fragile states are low-income countries that are unable to meet their population expectations and capacity, so they are extremely dependent on international trade for food and basic commodities. So, no conflict will occur as long as international trade to these countries continues.

The challenges faced

There are many challenges a nation faces on daily bases such as concerns over the environment, sudden disease outbreak and terrorist issues. All these problems and challenges can be tackled if nations cooperate by sharing resources and information to help efficiently solve the problems.

When a nation shares its resources with other nation, it automatically resolves the difficulties that they are facing as it creates a balance between the two. When all the nations have what they need, automatically the economy will grow and societies tend to live in harmony with each other. On the other hand, if resources are not shared, nations become hostile and no one is profited in the end.

As the world is filled with so much diversity, it is exciting to know about them, so international relations can also be built by promoting cultural backgrounds of the nations. This can be done by allowing tourists to visit countries to learn about the culture, promote student exchange programs and having cultural exhibitions to enhance the understanding of various lifestyles of people.

In the end, living in peace and harmony is what every nation wants. The economic instability of a country will provoke political upheaval in the country, so it is essential to focus on the economic growth which can be achieved by international trade.