Walk for Tibet Florida & Jigme Norbu Remembered 2012

From the view of local reporter Pierre Tristam, of FlaglerLive.com, who also covered the story last year. Please be sure to listen to what has become Jigme’s signature song, Winterhawk- written and sung by Jamie DeFrates which captures the spirit of freedom, and the price of gaining it…or not allowing it. Hauntingly, soaringly beautiful.  (The link is embedded in the article.)


Urging Tibetans in Exile to Step Up Their Efforts

Notice from Wangchuk Dorjee, former Tibetan Congressman and Walker for Tibet :

JIgme NorbuLleading Walk for Tibet Florida 2011

                                Jigme Norbu Leading Walk for Tibet Florida 2011

Tashi Delek,
In this critical period in the history of our Tibet Nation, many Tibetans within and outside have struggled selflessly for our cause. In exile, late Jigme Norbu la had worked tirelessly, walking thousands of miles through different countries and was successful in drawing support and attention to Tibetan Independence. In a tragic traffic accident, Jigme la passed away on Feb 14, 2011 on the first day of his Walk for Tibet, Florida.
On the one year anniversary of his death, his friends in Florida have organized a memorial service at the site of the accident. I will be joining the memorial service and there is a plan for a brief walk from the site in his remembrance. Geshe Thupten la and Deacon Dan Scrone will be administrating the service from a religious perspective.
Please keep Pawo (Martyr) Jigme Norbu la and all our brethrens in Tibet who had self immolated for a Free Tibet in your prayers and thoughts.
Since I had acquianted with Jigme la for over 4 years and walked together several times, I wanted to share a few thoughts. He had always believed in non-voilence and his Walk for Tibet is a reflection of that.  However, whenever he got the opportunity to speak, he would always very loudly articulate the lack of freedoms,  that Tibet belongs to Tibetans and that we cannot continue to live under the Chinese. It always brings me a sense of upliftment whenever I hear him speak; I still continue to hear him speak  and my admiration continues to grow.
Many have self immolated in Tibet for our Tibetan cause and many are protesting under the threat of gun. I urge Tibetans in exile to step up their efforts and request and plead our friends from rest of the world to continue their support for truth and justice.
Thuk Je Che (Thank You)

Wangchuk Dorjee

Ambassadors for World Peace Memorial Walk for Tibet in St. Augustine, Florida

Ambassadors for World Peace Band Together

Ambassadors for World Peace Band Together

Walk for Tibet walkers will honor Jigme Norbu with a mini-walk in St. Augustine Florida on Saturday February 18, 2012. Jigme, nephew of His Holiness the Dalai Lama,  was struck and killed last Feb. 14 on the first day of his 300 mile Walk for Tibet Florida. The walk, which continued along the coast to West Palm Beach, was in support of Ambassadors for World Peace, developing leaders seeking Human Rights, Freedom for Tibet and all oppressed peoples and World Peace.

Many of the original small band of walkers and local singers from St. Augustine, along with Buddhist Monk Tuk from Orlando, Wangchuk Dorjee from Colorado, Myessa Myrick from Washington DC, and Donna Kim-Brand will regroup and start as we did last year; With a blessing on the pier overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, then walking past the Fountain of Youth Park and meeting public who want to join at 11:30 in the park at Lady of Leche Chapel. We will Walk for Tibet approximately one mile to Lion’s Bridge on St. Augustine’s downtown side.

We will join another group at the accident site in Palm City at 3pm for a memorial service then walk back to Hammock Wine & Cheese Shoppe where the owners will host music and light snacks in honor of Jigme and AmbassadorsforWorldPeace.org.

The mission lives on.

Arts Festival Honors Ambassadors for World Peace & Norbu Legacy

Hammock Wine & Cheese Shoppe

Hammock Wine & Cheese Shoppe


August 27, 2011, Hammock Wine & Cheese Shoppe owners Damian & Gary Collins hosted their 3rd annual Arts Festival. This year they focused the theme on supporting the continuing work of Ambassadors for World Peace, the organization founded by Jigme Norbu. Jigme and Walk for Tibet Florida companions Wangchuk Dorjee & Donna Kim-Brand had been invited to stay under the beautiful trees here just south of St. Augustine when Jigme-la was struck down lst February 14.

The festival had a good turnout of locals and tourists who enjoyed music, including songs by               Jamie DeFrates and Susan Brown who had performed at Jigme’s memorial services & by Bill Snyder who sang an original song- Footsteps of Freeedom- that he & Lee Jacobson wrote in tribute to Jigme Norbu and his vision of Walking for Tibet and World Peace.
Donna represented AmbassadorsforWorld Peace.org, explaining the vision and future plans for events in St. Augustine, West Palm Beach, Bloomington, Indiana and globally.  She challenged the crowd present to use the freedoms we take for granted inour country and ability to use our voices to make World Peace a reality of PEACE in our own lives by investing our                  
P- purpose and passion
E- energy in excellence
A- actions to develop skills and resources necessary to achieve our dreams
C- creativity, collaboration, sense of community, compassion and
E- express what matters to us and enjoy the fruits of our efforts.
Everyone who knew Jigme misses him terribly, and resolves to continue his work in our own lives.
Susan Brown & Jamie Defrates- Dream On

Susan Brown & Jamie Defrates- Dream On

Donna shares Jigme's Vision

Donna shares Jigme's VisionDamian & Gary Collins